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    The JCF is calibrated by using the test button provided with each new instrument. A calibration video can be seen clicking the video tab and selecting the calibration video. For more details please contact us.

    We are able to supply standard replacement plastic test buttons and also certificated glass test buttons for the JCF. These are available in a range of sizes. For more details please contact us.

    The original halogen lamp fitment (soon to become unavailable) has now been superseded by a specially designed LED light engine which is now fitted as standard to all new Optimec instruments.  The LED provides a whiter light, sharper images, cooler operating temperature, and lower running costs. The LED has been designed so it can be retrofitted by the customer to the majority of older instruments. Contact us.

  • Specification
  • Dimensions: Height 589mm, Width 353mm, Depth 350mm
    Weight: 16kg
    Power consumption: 15 watts
    Diameter range: 6 – 16mm (up to 20mm available on JCF/20)
    Diameter accuracy: +/- 0.025mm
    Graticule increments: 0.1mm divisions (0.05mm graticule divisions available on JCF/S)
    Magnification diameter view: x17 approx

    BCOR range: 6.9-9.5mm
    BCOR accuracy: +/- 0.02mm
    Magnification BCOR view: x20 approx

    Consumables: 2 x 12V DC 6.6W LED light engines, dustcovers

    Calibration: BCOR test pieces, Diameter test pieces

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      Lens Inspection

      Lens Diameter

      Lens BCOR

      Lens Thickness

      Saline Filtration (with TC20i or TSC3)

      Saline Temperature Control (with TC20i or TSC3)

      Saline UV Sanitisation (with TSC3)

      The Optimec model JCF has been designed for laboratory and quality assurance department use. The design brief being to manufacture an extremely accurate instrument for BCOR and DIAMETER measurement with surface and edge inspection facilities. Excellent projection lens acuity gives very clear imaging of the edge and surfaces of the contact lens under examination. When the JCF is used to measure BCOR, the lens locator is essential for quickly locating the contact lens upon the measuring cylinder. Diameter measurement and lens surface inspection is also fast in use as the lens is placed in a “V” graticule assembly where the forward tilt allows the lens to settle quickly under the influence of gravity.

      • Diameter Measurement
      • Bcor Measurement
      • Centre Thickness Check
      • Surface and Edge Inspection
      • TC20iTSC3 Compatible

      For temperature control within the cell we recommend use of the TC20i, or the TSC3 which gives the additional benefit of UV sanitisation.