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  • Dimensions: Height 266mm, Width 665mm, Depth 665mm
    Weight: 35kg
    Power consumption: 15 watts
    Measurement area: 492 x 492mm
    Inspection viewing port: 448mm diameter
    Power consumption: 44watts
    Light source: 1 x 44W LED panel

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    Product: Polariscope


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      Lens Inspection

      Polariscope Material Stress Analyser

      The Polariscope material stress analyser has been designed to identify stress features in transparent materials such as glass and plastics. The samples are placed on a backlit platform and viewed through the top optic polarizing filter assembly where areas of stress are highlighted. This is particularly useful for the confirmation of stress uniformity in materials following curing, tempering and machining processes, where any stress changes need to be monitored.

      • Inspection of stress in ophthalmic samples
      • Inspection of stress in transparent glass and plastic samples
      • Large active inspection area
      • Energy efficient LED illumination panel