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    The SAG is available in two versions, to measure lens diameters 12 – 15mm and 15 -18mm .  Just let us know which version you require.  For more details please contact us.

    We are happy to carry out certified recalibration of the SAG and other Optimec instruments.  Usually this requires the return of the instrument to us, but we are able to offer calibration and servicing of your Optimec instruments at your site if required.  For more details please contact us.

    Soft contact lens materials expand and contract considerably with changes in temperature.  To achieve repeatability of lens measurements, maintaining the cell saline at a constant known temperature, is imperative.  The Optimec TC20i instrument allows for both filtration and temperature control of the saline in the wet cell.  The Optimec TSC3 filters and controls the temperature of the saline as well as reducing the bio burden by means of UV sanitisation. For more details please contact us.

  • Specification
  • Dimensions: Height 331mm, Width 340mm, Depth 558mm
    Weight: 17.4kg
    Power consumption: 15 watts

    Diameter range: 12-15mm or 15-18mm
    Diameter accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
    Magnification: x17.5 approx

    Sagittal height range: 2.0-6.0mm
    Sagittal height accuracy: +/- 0.05mm
    Magnification: x17.5 approx

    Consumables: 1 x 12V DC 6.6W LED light engines

    Calibration: Sagittal height test pieces, Diameter test pieces

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      Lens Inspection

      Lens Diameter

      Lens Sagittal height

      Saline Filtration (with TC20i or TSC3)

      Saline Temperature Control (with TC20i or TSC3)

      Saline UV Sanitisation (with TSC3)

      If speed of measurement when checking DIAMETER and SAGITTAL HEIGHT of a soft lens are the main criteria then the SAG is the instrument of choice. Designed with the large volume lens manufacturer in mind the SAG is the ultimate fast “in process” dimension checking instrument. Used with or without the TC20i temperature & filtration controller the SAG provides a DIAMETER check facility as well as a bespoke SAGITTAL HEIGHT measuring function both from within the unique single chamber wet cell.

      Lens location is quick, simple and automatic thereby minimising the time taken for each measurement. The SAG is available in both 12-15mm and 15-18mm lens diameter variants and each can handle SAG heights up to 6.0mm.

      • SAG Height Measurement
      • Diameter Check
      • Simple and Fast
      • 12-15 or 15-18MM Diameter Range
      • TC20iTSC3 Compatible

      For temperature control within the cell we recommend use of the TC20i, or the TSC3 which gives the additional benefit of UV sanitisation.