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In the unlikely event of a mechanical or electrical failure occurring outside the warranty period, Optimec offers a repair service designed to have you up and running as soon as possible and keep instrument downtime to a minimum. Usually operated on a “back to base” basis the process can often be speeded up by email contact with one of our technicians. The answers to some simple questions such as the model and instrument serial number together with a couple of carefully chosen digital pictures can prove most helpful.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to supply a complete instrument replacement whilst your instrument is with us for repair. We may also be able to provide spare instrument wet cells. Please check with us for availability.

The routine “housekeeping” that should be carried out on a regular basis when an instrument is in regular use is simple and will largely negate the need for more extensive servicing. If servicing is required at a level beyond that capable of being carried out by the user then suitable arrangements can be made to return the instrument to our workshops.

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